To try and change what Hollywood defines as popular and beautiful is like trying to turn a ship away from the iceberg 100ft before it hits. What makes more sense is to start talking to our youth, a generation louder and more influential than any generation before them…smart, empowered, vocal and organized. These are the voices steering Hollywood, their parents and all generations that follow. With education and support, they make better choices, therefore encouraging culture to choose constructive solutions to appearance and healthy self-image.

It is unrealistic to expect skin care to solve your problems…it’s about healthy thoughts, healthy actions, healthy balance. Beauty is a drive. It’s following a passion, it’s having a voice, it’s a smile fueled by the awareness that you are making an impact in your own unique way…

…and that ultimately, compassion for yourself, your body and the world around you is more noticeable, more brilliant than a perfect appearance.

ACURE: Show Your Face Project creates programs to empower youth to paint their own picture of what they want the world to see. Armed with easy tools from making healthier product choices free from harmful chemicals and rich in vital nutrients, to connecting to their interests, dreams and all the ideas that are brewing deep down inside, we strive to help the next generation find the face they wish to present to the world while encouraging them to remold cultural expectations of what is truly attractive every step of the way. So embrace your face, love your laugh lines and savor your scars because they play a part in where you’ve been and where you are going.


You have so much to show the world…

and we want to help you find it.


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First, join the Show Your Face Project here and follow @AcureOrganics on Twitter. Then, finish one or more of the statements below to tweet it out on our live twitter feed, using our handle (@AcureOrganics) and hashtag (#ShowYourFaceProject).

Each month, randomly selected fans will receive a free ACURE product of choice and we get the added bonus of hearing your voice!

I’m at my best when…@AcureOrganics #ShowYourFaceProject
My dream is to one day…@AcureOrganics #ShowYourFaceProject
Nothing makes me smile like…@AcureOrganics #ShowYourFaceProject

Entry into the contest denotes acceptance of all rules and regulations. For a complete list of our rules and regulations, click here.



There’s no need to sacrifice your health for beauty! Clean out your bathroom of all the products that contain any ingredients from our handy-dandy Filthy Fifty List. Put them in a pile and take a picture that we can share on our social media platforms. This automatically enters you to win $200 worth of free ACURE products to help restock your bathroom with clean alternatives! Join the Show Your Face Project here for more details.

Winners selected at the end of each month.

Entry into the contest denotes acceptance of all rules and regulations. For a complete list of our rules and regulations, click here.



Join the Show Your Face Project here to host a personal screening of Annie Leonard’s short film, “The Story of Cosmetics”, with a group of friends, family, dorm-mates, teammates, whomever. We will send you a free box of ACURE products and yummy snacks for your party to help spread the word about fun, healthy alternatives with all your guests. When you email pics of the festivities to, with the subject line: THE PARTY PROJECT, we will share on our social media and enter you for a chance to win $1000 in product!

please allow up to three weeks for delivery of your package.

Entry into the contest denotes acceptance of all rules and regulations. For a complete list of our rules and regulations, click here.

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery of your package. Product will be queued to ship upon completion of your online email survey.

Registration for the Summer Party Project is now closed.

Stay tuned to for more opportunities to spread the word about healthy products!


What makes you feel most alive, the most beautiful, or like the best version of yourself? If you could do anything in the world that lights your fire, without anything standing in your way, what would it be? This is a call to all people ages 18-25 to submit your own Show Your Face Video describing the face you want the world to see…do you love to travel? Then go see the world! Are you at your best when painting? Let’s get you some groovy supplies and instruction, Van Gogh!

Doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be real. Send us a self-made video and feel free to be as creative as you like. We just want to know what inspires you most and how we can help you pursue it. Videos should be less than 3 minutes.  Upload your video to the internet. Then submit your video url here. Submissions will be accepted through June 30th, 2014.

Entries will be judged based on creativity and genuine content. Select videos will be featured on our site. The winner will be announced on July 14th, 2014 and receive a $5,000 grant to support their passion!

Entry into the contest denotes acceptance of all rules and regulations. For a complete list of our rules and regulations, click here.



What do you want the world to see? This is a call to action for all people ages 18-25 to submit your passion project ideas about how you believe you can impact your community, campus, or the world! No idea is too small or project too big.

Complete the following statement in 500 words or less…”I want to show the world….” Convey your idea via brief essay and a video of five minutes or less. Be creative! Dream! Show us what you can do!

Upload your video to the internet. Then submit your video url and upload your word document here.

Entries will be judged based on the scope of project, potential impact, opportunity for success and creativity. Select videos will be featured on our site. Submissions will be accepted through December 1, 2014. The winner will be announced on January 1st, 2015 and receive a $10,000 grant to support its implementation!

Entry into the contest denotes acceptance of all rules and regulations. For a complete list of our rules and regulations, click here.




A part of becoming conscious is putting your thoughts into words- that’s why ACURE introduced a traveling chalkboard mural at key campus stops on the Teens Turning Green Conscious Road Tour. Students were asked to answer deep questions with one single word, and write it on the chalkboard. It didn’t have to be pretty or even positive…just honest. Check out what they had to say…


  • Your future?

  • How the world sees you?

  • How you strive to be seen?

  • How you feel at this moment?

  • What inspires you?

  • Your biggest fear?

  • Your personality?

  • Your favorite feature?

  • Your least favorite feature?

  • Your past?

  • How you would impact the world?

  • Your biggest role model?

  • The feeling of accomplishment?

  • Defeat?

  • How the world sees you?

  • How your friends see you?

  • How your family sees you?

  • How you want to be seen?

  • You strongest character trait?

  • Your biggest strength?

  • Your biggest weakness?

  • Your strongest value?

  • Your view of present society?



Cornell University


Ohio State University


Rice University



ACURE is on a mission

Sustainable principles provide the highest quality fair trade, natural and certified organic personal care.

Kristy and Jon Guerra founded ACURE to honor Kristy’s grandmother, who battled breast cancer for over 10 years, as a way to bring awareness to the importance of healthy skin care made without toxins.

ACURE for the skin means driving real results through simple, plant and food-based ingredients. It’s not enough to be natural…it also has to work. Your skin is your largest organ and greatest ally for whole body health. Feeding it as properly as you would feed your body internally is the only way to truly optimize its function. We formulate using the same powerful nutrients that you would eat, fueling your skin through nutrition-based skin care. It’s like supplements for the skin! Clinically proven result without the use of gluten, synthetic preservatives or fragrances.  No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, or animal bi-products. We provide scientific nutritional support to enhance the skin’s own ability to regenerate optimally.

ACURE for the planet is about our sustainable company culture that impacts every decision we make. Green packaging, recycled materials, 100% biodegradable. Every body lotion sold plants a tree through Trees for the Ten cents from every hair care unit sold goes to

ACURE for a cure highlights our commitment to creating effective personal care that steers people away from the toxic chemicals typically connected to illness and disease, allowing them to discover that you don’t have to sacrifice your health for beautiful skin and hair.

It also speaks to our tireless efforts to educate and empower consumers to stand up and demand better for generations to come through our partnership with, a student lead movement that seeks to engage youth in the transition from conventional to conscious, empowering the next generation and mobilizing action to sustain our earth.

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